The Sacred Jungle Vines™

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Add Some Sparkle To Your World

The Sacred Jungle Vines™ are beautiful string lights that transform any space instantly. Match your mood with 8 relaxing modes to choose from. They are remote-controlled with adjustable brightness, allowing you to create your own ambience

Transform Your Room

The Sacred Jungle Vines™ have hundreds of soothing lights that transform any space, making it feel cozy and comforting.

Modes For Every Mood

Craft your ambience with 8 available lighting modes. Select from the following modes with the USB or the included remote:

 1. Combination 
     2. Wave
     3. Sequential
     4. Slow Glow
5. Chasing 
   6. Slow Fade
     7. Twinkle
     8. Steady On



Control From a Distance

Using the included remote, you can conveniently dim the lights to give you the perfect atmosphereThe Sacred Jungle Vines™ are USB powered and work with a wall charger, power bank, or any device that supports USB power.
The remote also allows you to turn The Sacred Jungle Vines™ on and off, switch modes, and activate a timer that automatically turns them off after 6 hours.

Safe To Use

The Sacred Jungle Vines™ use energy-efficient LEDs, which stay cool to the touch no matter how long they are on.  And they are waterproof, making them the perfect decoration for inside or out

They are safe to be covered by curtains or any other fabric.

The Perfect Decoration

The Sacred Jungle Vines™ are USB powered, giving you maximum flexibility.

You can plug them into a wall charger, power bank, or any device that supports USB power.

They are IP44 waterproof, making them the perfect decoration for indoor or outdoor occasions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for a limited time only, we are offering FREE shipping worldwide!

Unlike conventional lamps, this can be powered by either the included USB cable or 3x AAA batteries, giving your Twinkling Tree light a neat and tidy appearance.